Repair Cafe

What are Repair Cafés?

Repair Cafés are events where you can bring along old or damaged belongings such as clothes and bicycles to be potentially fixed by repair specialists, for free. If you prefer to bring old clothes and learn how to upcycle them, this is also fine.

East Bedlington Community Centre have secured funding from Community Foundation Tyne & Wear and Northumberland to deliver a programme of Repair Café’s from January 2020. The Repair Café’s will run on the last Saturday of each month help you repair and upcycle your damaged belongings for FREE. By repairing, reusing or upcycling items we already own, it stops us having to buy new stuff. This has a positive impact on the environment (and our wallets) as raw materials can be preserved and items are prevented from becoming waste.

In addition to fixing an item, the repair specialists will train you one-on-one throughout the repair process, so that you can repair your item yourself in the future. A Repair Café is not a place for people to simply drop off broken items, but you will get to interact with the repair specialists, learn skills and build a relationship with the processes and materials that go into the manufacturing of products.As well as the repair café we will also be running themed events alongside such as; Clothes swish, Easter crafts, Craft Exchange etc…

If you have items that you would like to be repaired at one of these events please let us know what your item is and what the problem is with the item, this will ensure that we have the correct ‘fixer’. Contact us: